European Physical Society


Report of the Meeting of the Board
of the EPS Physics Education Division

Held on Monday 1 September 2003, 14:30-17:45 at Palazzo Florio in Udine.

Present: E. Johansson (next chairman), A.W. Kleyn (chairman), B. Lambourne (Secretary),
G. Tibell (Chairman Pre-university Section Board), U. Titulaer (Chairman University Section Board).
Unable to come: H. Ferdinande (Chairman EUPEN), K. Gaemers (EPS executive committee),
D. Lee (Secretary general EPS), E. Lingeman (web master).

1) Agenda

The meeting adopted the agenda proposed by the chairman (EPS_PED 28). The chairman welcomed
Erik Johansson, director of the Stockholm House of Science and invited speaker
on EPS-12, who is willing to become the next chairman of the Division. A few items of the agenda
could not be finalized during the meeting. If issues can be resolved shortly after the EUPEN
General Forum (11-12 September) they will be reported on in these minutes, and marked in italic and red.

2) Report of the previous meeting, 7 January 2003.

There were no comments to the text of the report prepared by Aart Kleyn (EPS_PED 22).
Actions of the previous report, that are still pending and not discussed below:
Ad 1A: the questionnaires to the participants of the les Houches meeting could not be sent out,
because of lack of response by Jacques Treiner. As a consequence, no list of corresponding members
has been made. Bob Lambourne and Michael Vollmer will now independently of Treiner carry on,
and send out the questionnaire.
Ad 6: the flyer concerning the Division needs updating. Aart Kleyn will initiate this process with
David Lee; most unfortunately without success. One more try will be made.

3) Pre-university section

3.1. European conference on physics teacher training
This meeting is about to begin and is organized currently on behalf of GIREP, EUPEN, IUPAP (ICPE)
and EPS by and at the University of Udine. Organisers are Brenda Jennison, Silvia Pugliese Jona
and Marisa Michelini. We made a reservation on the 2003 budget for financial support, and are
prepared to help a bit more if necessary.

Eddy Lingeman would like to have the conclusions of the conference as a link to the division web-site.
3.2. A survey of physics education in European schools
Bob Lambourne could not get a reply from Tim Hickson. The issue will be considered closed.
3.3. Biographical posters
A CD-ROM containing the EPS biographical posters is available, but not free of charge.
There seem to be no new actions in this area, in spite of announcements on the EPS-website.
Aart Kleyn checked this, and found again no change. Gunnar Tibell will point out to the corresponding
members the existence of the posters and the willingness of EPS to provide them free of charge to
physical societies for further distribution or translation.
3.4. Posters on the relevance of physics to society
A new series of posters, focused on "Sound" was expected to be produced by the Royal Holloway College.
This production has been stopped due to lack of funding.
3.5. Teacher exchange scheme
Efforts have been unsuccessful and will be continued. Perhaps Physics on Stage 3 could initiate such
exchanges or teacher networks.
3.6. The International Young Physicists' Tournament
EPS (through our Section) has continued to support the International Young Physicists' Tournament,
IYPT. Since 1998 Gunnar Tibell is the President of the International Committee of the tournament.
The tournament was held in Uppsala, Sweden (2003) and very successful. It was widely advertised and
good media coverage. The participation is still increasing. A special document is attached to these minutes
(EPS_PED 29). G. Sauer has proposed to send the winning team to Physics on Stage, a suggestion that we endorse.

Australia will be the next site (2004) and Switzerland will follow (2005). The Division will continue to
support it. Small support is needed this year for travel by Gunnar Tibell.
3.7. Role of section and composition of board
The section board has met, and no reason was found to discontinue its activities at this stage.
New membership of the board is needed. Aart Kleyn suggested a new candidate but found that she is not
an NNV or EPS member.


The next General Forum will be held in Uppsala, Sweden on 12-13 September 2003.

Hendrik Ferdinande could not introduce the program personally. The outline from the web-site is reproduced below:

is a gathering where the partners in the EUPEN Consortium are invited to discuss the future
of the physics discipline in a European dimension.

THE FORUM WILL - present keynote speakers on the development of a Europe of knowledge- present,
discuss and explore the investigations by the five EUPEN working groups -- present research and
development work covering new initiatives in physics -- teaching and learning support FORUM THEMES
1. Quality assurance and evaluation of physics studies in the frame of the -- TEEP2002 Project
2. Evolution of physics degrees in the context of the Bologna Process and -- dissemination of the
'Tuning educational structures in Europe -phase II
3. Networking opportunities for specialisation in physics Joint Degrees -- (Bachelor & Master)
4. Trends in physics student enrolment and destination
5. Innovations in physics teaching and learning, mostly by multimedia All themes should be considered
in the objective to create s y n e r g i e s between the European Higher Education Area and the
European Research Area towards a European Knowlegde Area.

Informally we were told that EUPEN lost funding. This was confirmed later. The feeling is, that if EUPEN
cannot carry on independently EPS should make sure that such an annual education meeting does not get lost.
Erik Johansson also indicated that he is keen on trying a European physics education meeting.

Eddy Lingeman (who sends his regards, is fine, but could not come) suggested to aim such a conference also
at decision makers at ministries of education.

Bob Lambourne suggests to try and run an AAPT-type meeting. Also the meetings of Euro Science Open Forum
are mentioned.

5) University section

5.1. Workshop on "Multimedia in Physics Teaching and Learning"
The Board encourages the continuation to the Workshop on "Multimedia in Physics Teaching and Learning"
-network started by Professor H.J. Jodl. The 8th is planned for Prague, Czech republic on 15-16 September 2003,
and thereafter in Graz and Berlin. Perhaps multimedia is a good topic to be merged into a bigger meeting,
but we should operate with great caution. Organisers do not want to loose "their" meeting.
5.2. Workshop on "Improvement of student labs"
In Germany there is a section of the DPG that has an active network for the improvement of student labs.
There is sufficient international interest in this topic for organizing an international workshop around
this nucleus. Prof. Schumacher from Düsseldorf will organise one coming year with some small European
participation. He still plans to open it up to the European level in 2004. He will appreciate EPS support
at that time.
5.3. Innovative teaching
Workshop on innovative teaching will no longer be organised by Ashley Clarke, since he accepted early retirement.
5.4 Section Board composition
The board will try to attract new members for these areas with full support of the Divisional board. Urbaan
asked Elena Sassi (Naples) and Gorazd Planincic (Ljubljana, secretary of GIREP) at the GIREP meeting.
5.5 Position paper
As a new item a position paper on initiating a European conference on Physics Education, perhaps with as
primary focus the EPS internally. The previously agreed position papers on the need for grants on innovations
in education like in the US the National Science Foundation encourages, and the requirement to use 1% of
regular research grant for outreach. It would be desirable if something similar would be the case in Europe.
It was decided that the University Section board will draft position papers in these issues. However, it
should be checked, that position papers are still alive within.
5.6 refereed multimedia website
Prof. Jodl intends to run a website that only contains refereed and approved educational software and links
to web-sites. A similar project is currently undertaken with EPS, DPG and other support by Eberhard Hilf at
the University of Oldenburg. It is not clear if there is direct competition between the two projects.
Urbaan will you look into this again or shall we leave it at that?

6) Web development

Eddy Lingeman has continually updated the Divisional Web site. Since he was absent no other news could be

7) International World Year on Physics 2005
and future European Physics Education conferences.

The IWYP will be celebrated by a big EPS13 conference in Bern on:
Beyond Einstein -- Physics for the 21st Century, to be held 11-14 July, 2005, Bern, Switzerland.
The following topics for three parallel sub-conferences have been chosen:
  1. Photons, Lasers and Quantum Statistics (AMPD, CMD, QEOD) (co-chairs: Profs. S de Silvestri
    (Milano), H. R. Ott (Zurich), N. J. Manson (Milton Keynes))
  2. Relativity, Matter and Cosmology (HEPPD, JAD, NPD, PPD) (co-chairs: Profs. M. Jacob (CERN),
    A. Kugler (Prague), J. B. Lister (Lausanne), M. Spiro (Saclay))
  3. From Brownian Motion to Complex Systems (EP, PLSD, SNPD, Liquid Sect./CMD) (co-chairs: Profs.
    A. Goede/ H. Kelder (De Bilt), P. A. Lindgard (Roskilde), M. San Miguel (Mallorca), J. Prost (Paris))

    In addition to the plenary opening and closing ceremony, each conference will be organized separately with
    up to 3 parallel sessions consisting of individual mini-symposia with invited and contributed talks and
    poster sessions. At least one keynote address per session will be planned in the first hour of each day.
    A template of the sessions general structure with coffee and lunch breaks will be provided on due time.
    EPS-13 is expected to attract about 900 participants, in particular students interested in presenting their
    work in a specialized field. Students and members of EU Network programmes are particularly encouraged to
    participate. Conference fees will be kept as attractive as possible (about 400 EUR) with special student rates.
    Financial support will be provided for scientists from Eastern countries and PhD students. Registration and
    Abstract submission will be handled by the EPS Conference Services in Mulhouse. The hotel reservation,
    including cheaper accommodation possibilities, will be organized by the Tourism Office of Bern. Local venue,
    conference halls, lunches and coffee breaks, etc. will be handled by the local organization committee.

Its was concluded that the Division should try to add to the programme, in particular on the "outreach day",
Friday 15 July. Aart Kleyn suggested a topic like: 'Physics of the 21st century in the class room', for
instance by allowing control of modern big physics experiments by high school students. Such remote experimenting
is also considered for the international space station, and could be built up gradually through programmes
at school. More ideas are very much needed. Aart Kleyn will write to Martin Huber about this and it should
be discussed at our next meeting.

The list of confirmed future meetings is very small:

"The physics education section of the EPS wants to stress the importance of physics education for the
future of physics in Europe. Hence, in 2005 as the world year of physics, an attractive and substantial
conference on physics education should attract attention in the physics community. While the big fields
of physics research will be able to get the attention in the most national physics communities, physics
education may need a central event in Europe. Proposal: EPS Conference on physics education.
Organizer: Gerhard Sauer.

8) Physics on Stage

International Space Station Education Fund
The Physics on Stage 3 event will be held again at ESTEC, Noordwijk, The Netherlands in November 2003.
It will be organised again under the auspices of EIROFORUM, an association of physics based research
organisations, such as CERN, ESA, ESO, EMBL, ILL, EFDA, ESRF. EPS will keep an advisory role.
It has sponsored the event by a (to them) small amount, allowing some physicists from non-Eiroforum
countries to attend. Erik Johansson will try to attend POS-3 briefly.

Aart Kleyn gave a brief report on his visit to the inaugural meeting of the Space Station Education
Fund. This Funds wants to make significant amounts available for outreach activities involved the
International space Station. At this moment projects on Newtonís laws and physiology are in preparation.

9) List of correspondence, Statutes

An updated list of correspondence is added to this report. Please check it carefully and let me have additions.

Since newer divisions already have statutes making them for our Division should be taken up.
Aart Kleyn will ask David Lee for recommendations. Since the reply was it is entirely up to you,
we have decided to leave the statutes and the membership issue; at least until we have a working
list of corresponding members.

10) Finances and budget 2004

In the budget of 2003 the following items (in Euro) will be left unspent
Teacher exchange project 500
Support Lab Courses Meeting 500
Board meeting and other travel
University Section Board 1500 Partially
Board Meeting Division 1000 Partially
Web activities travel Lingeman 500 Perhaps

It was decided to use the funds for travel of Gunnar Tibell and Erik Johansson, and to help the
GIREP workshop in case of a deficit.

The budget for next year can be decided at our next meeting, at the latest early next year.
If our board meeting would be too late, a virtual, i.e., electronic mail and phone at a present
time, will be held.

11) Composition of the board

Aart Kleyn has transferred the chairmanship to Erik Johansson. He is willing to stay on for another
period, until a successor to Karel Gaemers is found. No input was received from EPS, if this person
needs to liaise with the executive committee. This silence can be interpreted that any suitable
person is welcome. Aart Kleyn will thank Karel Gaemers for his input, also behind the screens.
Paul Hoyer (Nordita, Denmark) will be welcomed as successor, as he is a member of the executive
committee of EPS, and very much involved in education. Erik Johansson has asked him.

12) Date and place of next meeting.

Bob Lambourne, Gunnar Tibell, Urbaan Titulaer and hopefully Hendrik Ferdinande will meet at the
EUPEN general Forum. Aart Kleyn and Erik Johansson will try to meet at Physics on Stage 3.
A full meeting of the Divisional Board remains to be decided. A possible venue would be the
Open University, which has easy and cheap access through London Luton Airport.

13) Any other business

Erik Johansson gave a short presentation about outreach activities in the area of High Energy Physics.

Aart W. Kleyn
3 September 2003 & 21 November 2003

Report of the Meeting of the Board of the EPS Physics Education Division, 1 September 2003

E.W.A. Lingeman, Amsterdam 23 November 2003